Adrian Nuttall is part of BAQUA’s team of contributors from the aquaponics sector that enable us to centre on the needs of our members. 
Hi, my name is Adrian Nuttall.  I have been growing Chillies commercially for over 10 years.
It was in an effort to reduce my expensive nutrient costs that I came across Aquaponics.  In the last 5 years I have visited a number of Aquaponics setups – most notably in Melbourne (Australia), Bio-Aquafarm (UK), Bristol Fish Project (UK) and Ouroboros Farm, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco (USA).  From what I have learned, we have built a single IBC system, a couple Barrel-ponics systems, a Quad IBC system and a trial sized commercial system.
Our focus, here at the Chilli Farm in Suffolk, is to create a cost effective commercial system that can be scaled up and be fully viable both as a farming method and also as a stand-alone income generator (unlike the modular systems or academic/consultant’s systems that are not commercially viable).