Hello! Welcome to The British Aquaponics Association CIC! We are a proactive network focused on advancing the UK aquaponics sector. We are made up of individuals, companies, communities, research organisations and universities with a common goal. Our members are connected through a belief that aquaponics “the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics“ will play a vital role in the future of food production globally – Become  a Member today!


In April 2012 the directors of The British Aquaponic Association (BAQUA) came together from opposite corners of the UK with a common vision: An environmentally, economically and socially-just world where all people have access to local, sustainable and nutritious food. BAQUA recognised the need for a representative body in the UK to unite and connect all people working to promote and develop aquaponics in the UK. This led to the creation of the BAQUA Community Interest Company (CIC) in November 2012.

Our Mission

To foster the sustainable growth and development of the UK Aquaponic Farming sector through collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing.

We Aim

To spearhead the Aquaponic Farming sector and to facilitate good food, meaningful work, and a flourishing and resilient environment.


BAQUA serves as a knowledge sharing network gathering and publicising the latest aquaponics industry updates, initiatives, resources and tools. Holding the space for the exchange of research, knowledge and technology via a monthly newsletter and online blog.

An annual national conference is held alongside regular regional-scale events focused on disseminating state-of-the-art technology and research, market trends, key challenges and showcasing inspirational initiatives and face-to-face networking.

We host a discussion forum, geodirectory and develop and share numerous resources and services in our ‘members area’.

BAQUA initiates governmental and EU policy recommendations, business collaborations, demonstration projects, technology partnerships and open source data sharing as well as actively matchmaking synergies and partnerships to shape this emergent industry.

We are evolving our ideas with our new steering group. If you would like to be part of the steering group, please let us know.


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  1. Nicky

    Hi, I’m just looking at starting a home system in a poly tunnel for home veg production. Do you have anything for the absolute beginner? Although youtube offers a great resource it would be interesting to see whats on locally in Somerset.